Already we have travel disruptions because a blizzard is going to hit New York later. They’re calling it Winter Storm 2015. Uh, it’s only January, what happens if there’s ANOTHER winter storm this year?

Alabama’s ban on gay marriage was overturned Friday. No matter what you think of it one thing is certain: in a gay marriage you never have to argue over who left the toilet seat up. I support EVERY couple’s right to a 50-50 shot at a miserable divorce.

Thank goodness they finally have a suspect in this sad case — A Georgia couple went missing after leaving to purchase a car from a seller on Craigslist. You know how to tell if a deal is potentially dangerous? It’s ON CRAIGSLIST.

Cheetos is introducing a new cinnamon and sugar snack called 'Sweetos'. I'm assuming it'll do better than the time Comet offered that violet-scented cleanser, Vomet.

The Bulletin of Atomic scientists last week cited increased threats to mankind's existence, so they turned the infamous Doomsday Clock ahead 2 minutes, leaving the world just 3 minutes from midnight! So the other night, when President Obama told everybody that 'the State of our Union is strong," apparently he left out the part about everyone in the world dying in 3 minutes. We would have been OK had Joe Biden not set the Doomsday Clock ahead an hour during the time change last spring. 

SkyMall, the catalogue of unnecessary items that air travelers have long flipped through while waiting to be told that they're allowed to turn their iPods back on, has filed for bankruptcy. Now, people who have more money than sense must find abother source for platinum iPad bed easels or life-sized Lord of the Rings chess sets.

The Old Farmer's Almanac says bitter cold is expected to dominate the Central Plains and Eastern Seaboard next month. But enough about the day Hillary Clinton goes to Iowa to announce that she's running for President. Which leads me to this; Sarah Palin says SHE’S definitely interested in running for president in 2016. I’m surprised she’d take the pay cut from doing all those reality shows. Comedians, comedy writers, morning show hosts, democrats and Tina Fey are all desperately hoping this happens.

CNN says they're going to try a political game show. Suggested title: "Who's watching it anyway?"

Hey FYI — there’s an asteroid the size of two cruise ships that’s passing by Earth today. Astronomers are calling it a “near miss.” Excuse me, but isn’t a “near miss” an “almost hit?” It’ll be at its brightest around 10:52 this morning but you’ll need binoculars to view it unless scientists are wrong and it really kills us all. My dog isn’t worried about the asteroid, I’m Sirius. 

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