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LMN 1-29-15 We have a challenge not involving ice!

LMN 1-29-15 We have a challenge not involving ice!

LMN 1-29-15 We have a challenge not involving ice!

Malaysia has officially declared that Flight 370 was an accident. No they still haven’t found it but CNN is thrilled to again be relevant. This story has played out EXACTLY like the TV show “Lost:” riveting at first, then too many plot twists and ultimately no acceptable explanation to wrap it up.

We're now learning that the genius who crashed his remote-control Radio Shack drone on the White House lawn at 3:00 am the other morning has admitted he "was drinking" at the time. Was there ever really any doubt? Come on! Friends don't let friends drone-drunk! 

The Church of England consecrated its first female bishop on Monday, meaning that for the first time in England's long history, women can be both Queens AND bishops. I'm not going to tell anybody how to run their church, but they certainly don't know ANYTHING about chess!

And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1845, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" was first published. On this, the same week the Ravens won't play in the Super Bowl. Coincidence? Yeah. Completely

A study says that people who hear voices in their heads should try talking back to them. Actually, all of my voices had a vote and said that's not true. Then there was the time the voice in my head had laryngitis.

Look out — Tom Brady is suffering from a bad head cold! I wonder what the PSI is on his sinus pressure?

A report says the super wealthy are buying hideouts in areas like New Zealand where they can escape to in the event of a civil uprising. Sure, but just wait until the Hobbits, Elves and Orcs start fighting again…

And … the story that took up most of today’s show involves a lady named Denise. She was at the Black Jacket/Led Zeppelin show in Tuscaloosa this past Saturday night. She got to talking to the guy sitting in front of her during the second part of the show, they made plans to hang out afters but got separated in the crowd. Denise asked for my help finding this guy because odds are he’s one of us since he’s in Birmingham and knows to see Black Jacket do Led Zep. SO: if you are or if you know Michael from Birmingham who was at the show, I need to hear from you. Hit me up on Facebook or Lisa@Birminghamseagle.com or call my studio line (but not after 10am because I’m not there) (205)741-1069. Denise says he’s tall, brown hair, looks to be in his 30’s and has awesome taste in music. Isn’t this wild? I love a good mystery so help me help Denise find Michael. And yes, I’m trusting that no one involved in this quest has access to chloroform or duct tape. I might be able to make you a good deal on some though. 

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