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Vinyl Selection: ‘Synchronicity’ by The Police

Vinyl Selection: ‘Synchronicity’ by The Police

Vinyl Selection: ‘Synchronicity’ by The Police


Vinyl Selection: ‘Synchronicity’ by The Police

Released in 1983, the fifth album by The Police was by far their finest work.  However, it was what was happening behind the scenes that would ultimately make it their final.  The record saw a reduction in reggae sounds that the trio relied on heavily in the first four albums, and implemented more of a worldly sound.

It was the constant bickering between band mates during the recording sessions that would lead Sting to go solo following it’s release and subsequent world tour.  Particularly, the sessions for “Every Breath You Take”, which saw Sting and drummer Stewart Copeland unable to see eye-to-eye on much.

The band would try to reconvene in studio two years later, but that attempt would go unsuccessful.  Despite the trials that the recording process brought, the final product was rated the album of the year by Rolling Stone, as well as ranking on the 500 Greatest Albums of Time.

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